The name Menscorpore comes from a line of verse written by the Latin poet Juvenal. “Mens sana in corpore sano” means, literally, a healthy mind in a healthy body. By understanding the indelible interdependence between the physical self and the psycho-emotional one, we interpret human health as a dynamic equilibrium. Since its creation in 2014, Menscorpore has offered a variety of different programs targeting physical-emotional and social-relational well-being. The organization is headquartered in Treviglio, east of Milan, our family’s home.
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Garden of the senses

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This sensory journey through the vegetable garden uses the fruits of the earth as a means for personal transformation. Participants are taken on a walk among the planters, during which they sample directly from what the soil has to offer.


Taste and smell are the senses that most connect to memory. When stimulated, they take us back to our deepest recollections, turning a sensory journey into time travel.


This experience is guided by an MCE mindfulness instructor, who helps participants stay in contact with their senses and train their powers of concentration and observation. In this way, a gustatory experience becomes an intimate and personal experience, stripped of pre-existing assumptions or frameworks.


The aim is to sense ‘simply,’ allowing what is actually present to be perceived. Moreover, the importance of seasonality comes forward—that essential connection between humans and the ecosystem in which they live.


Langhe area, Cremona area
2 hours
maximum 15 people