The name Menscorpore comes from a line of verse written by the Latin poet Juvenal. “Mens sana in corpore sano” means, literally, a healthy mind in a healthy body. By understanding the indelible interdependence between the physical self and the psycho-emotional one, we interpret human health as a dynamic equilibrium. Since its creation in 2014, Menscorpore has offered a variety of different programs targeting physical-emotional and social-relational well-being. The organization is headquartered in Treviglio, east of Milan, our family’s home.
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Cascina Lago Scuro

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Immersed in the countryside of Cremona, this splendid 1600s farmstead includes vegetable garden and stables, as well as a dairy, salumi kitchen, and restaurant. All is managed by a delightful family who think and act holistically, bringing together quality, hospitality, and authenticity. The possibilities at Cascina Lago Scuro are (almost) endless.






Arrival at Cascina Lago Scuro and introductory presentation

Convivium: a distinctive form of team building that includes meal-making (from the menu to entertainment), and which celebrates the importance of conviviality. (3 h)

“Convivial” lunch




Forest Bathing: a guided “nature immersion” that helps participants rediscover a profound connection with nature while creating multiple body-mind and emotional benefits. (90 min)

Departure from Cascina Lago Scuro

€250 price per person* **
*minimum 10 people, maximum 20. **this price might vary depending on the season and the number of people.