The name Menscorpore comes from a line of verse written by the Latin poet Juvenal. “Mens sana in corpore sano” means, literally, a healthy mind in a healthy body. By understanding the indelible interdependence between the physical self and the psycho-emotional one, we interpret human health as a dynamic equilibrium. Since its creation in 2014, Menscorpore has offered a variety of different programs targeting physical-emotional and social-relational well-being. The organization is headquartered in Treviglio, east of Milan, our family’s home.
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The Sensory Soul

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Of all the MensCorpore Experiences, the Sensory Soul represents a distinct coming-together of both Ale and Nic’s core passions: food and mindfulness.


The essential taste of place comes to life during these moments, as participants take a sensory voyage through a series of dishes, each prepared with local, artisanal, seasonal, and organic ingredients.


Menus are conceived with the objective of stimulating and sometimes deceiving the senses: a plate of plain boiled rice might reveal itself as not so plain, just as an innocuous blade of grass might enrapture the tongue.


Sensory Soul Experiences are led by our mindfulness trainer, helping participants maintain a direct connection with their own senses. Mindful observation and mental focus become habitual, all through one of the most ordinary acts we perform daily: eating.


Taste and smell are the senses that are most closely linked to memory. When they are stimulated, they allow us to travel backwards (and perhaps forwards) in time, merging memory with expectation. This creates more than a simple sensory workshop; it a journey into one’s soul.


The Experience can take the form of a breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or can focus on a single food product, enabling a deeper dive into sensory complexity. We can accommodate special food requests and needs, as well as plan for varied locations and chef collaborations. This lets us create options ranging from a simple picnic to an elaborate meal, according to your group’s needs and desired outcomes.


Depending on the options, the Sensory Soul can take as little as twenty minutes or as much as two hours.

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2 ore
max 15
900€ + IVA